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Griley Air Freight is a family owned Trucking Company specializing in the Airfreight and Transportation Communities since 1973.  With over 180 units operating we have grown rapidly over the years because we care about meeting the specific needs and requirements of you, our customers.  We have made technological advances which include multiple avenues for electronic data interchange, an elaborate GPS system, E Logs for safety on the road, and warehouse management/inventory systems.
In 2017 Griley won the 2016 First Place Prize from the California Trucking Association Fleet Safety Awards (see picture below).

Griley has been successful in designing customized operations for accounts including the New York Times, Postal Service, Expeditors, Nippon, Panalpina, DHL Global Forwarding and UPS just to name a few.   We develop new services and infrastructure to handle specific types of shipping schedules, situations and customer requirements. 

Our services include, but are not limited to:

2016 First Place Place from the California Trucking Association Fleet Safety Awards 

Griley Air Freight
5341 West 104th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90045

License  USDOT 20214

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