All of our Drivers and staff have a STA number and have been trained extensively in TSA and handling screened cargo.

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Warehouse & Cargo Screening


Pictures above shows Griley's warehouse management (bar scanning) system for warehouse inventory capabilities and our X-ray machine.  

Griley Air Freight is a TSA Certified Cargo Screening Facility adjacent to LAX Intl Airport.  We operate state of the art equipment including X-RAY, ETD machines and Trace Technologies.  We have the capability of screening palletized cargo up to 64" high, large crates, small boxes and everything in between as long as you can see through it. 

Please call us today for a comprehensive package including pick up from shipper, reweigh of cargo, TSA certified cargo screening, ULD or pallet buildup and airport transfer.  Whatever your cargo screening needs are, we have the trained and experience and equipment to be your one-stop solution. Check out some of our rates below:

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